Slow Flow


4:00- 5:00 PM


This Vinyasa type class moves slowly to safely maintain optimal alignment. Movement and breath are linked to create a true moving meditation in a practice that is progressive and rhythmic. Marga's Slow Flow classes are invigorating and inspiring; they promote deep focus and allow us to check in with the foundations of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual processes. All levels and abilities are welcome.

Level 1-2 Hatha Yoga


6-7:15 PM


This alignment-based yoga class offers students of all levels a full spectrum of poses: sun salutations, standing poses, inversions, arm balances, backbends, twists and forward bends. Students receive clear alignment and breathing instructions so that every pose feels stable and safe. Teachers offer modifications and adjustments to meet the needs of all students in this mixed-level class and offer alternatives meant to challenge the more seasoned practitioner.

Basic Yoga

9-10:15 AM


This alignment-based class is geared towards beginners. If you are new to yoga or have dabbled in yoga in the past and are looking to rekindle your practice, then this class is for you! Students learn proper alignment in key yoga poses to increase flexibility, strength and balance. Students also learn how to coordinate breath and movement through basic flow sequences. Class ends with a brief, centering meditation practice.

Marga Cava Yoga Classes.jpg

Join Online

Marga offers classes on a 'pay what you can' basis, between $5-15.

*Starting this week, you are invited to attend class in-person, socially distanced in our park-like backyard.  When you register, I will send an email informing you as to whether or not the weather is cooperating.

1) Purchase classes via Paypal or Venmo indicating the date and time of the class in the caption.

2) Marga will email a link and a list of any props you might need about 45 minutes prior to class.

3) Sign onto Zoom a few minutes before the class start time to check your audio/visuals.